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The Celluloid Crusader ROCKS All Your Film Requests!

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Comments: 58
  • #58

    Trevor Adams (Friday, 22 May 2020 00:46)

    Looking for 'Singin' in the Rain' 2x 400ft digest MGM. Super 8mm sound

  • #57

    Matthew (Saturday, 16 May 2020 18:11)

    Your services are new to me it was recommended to me by a friend. We have some very exciting offers looking forward to doing some business with you

  • #56

    Gregg Grant (Monday, 13 January 2020 09:08)

    Excellent site

  • #55

    Lance Pettiford (Friday, 25 October 2019 12:47)

    Hello there, I would like to receive the listing of films for sale. I'm looking for Indiana Jones in super 8. I would really appreciate it. Thanks. Email: ltpettiford27@gmail.com

  • #54

    Mahmood Ali (Friday, 16 August 2019 05:02)

    I am from Kurdistan of Iraq
    nice to see this beautiful site concerning the cine films
    I d like to have a list of full feature super 8 and 16mm ( colour and sound ) for sale with the prices ..I ll appreciate that .
    many thanks

  • #53

    Teodoros Anthopoulos (Monday, 03 June 2019 08:36)

    Hello Steve. I would like to receive your list for films 8mm/ super 8mm ( short or full films). I am new at hobby of films and i have two projectors for 8mm and super 8mm. I am waiting your response. Thank you! email: thanthopoulos@yahoo.gr

  • #52

    azız bahadır (Monday, 29 April 2019 08:08)

    Hi from Turkey dear Steve,I would like to receive the listing of films for sale. I m looking SKYFALL intro super8 mm thanks . azizbahadir@hotmail.com

  • #51

    Randy Davis (Tuesday, 12 February 2019 21:33)

    Great website Steve! My collection wouldn't be anything without you! Great films,great service, and above all,great friendship..

  • #50

    Thorir Sigurdarson, Iceland (Tuesday, 22 January 2019 12:00)

    Thank you for a fantastic service!

  • #49

    Eddy Chapman (Wednesday, 24 October 2018 17:42)

    Special thanks to you & Natalie for your years of untiring service for all collectors & film enthusiasts. Also for keeping this wonderful hobby of ours alive. Always a pleasure to talk to you. Fun & informative. You're the best!

  • #48

    Burton Quartermus (Saturday, 20 October 2018 22:42)

    Hello Steve, I come back to the 8mm/super 8mm hobby so I would like to receive the listing of films for sale. I tempted to have my old hobby back. my email: burt25mus@yahoo.com. !6mmtoo if you have . best, Burt

  • #47

    leif antonsen (Monday, 08 October 2018 13:08)

    im a 16 mm and super 8 cartoon and Laurel and hardy collector from norway

  • #46

    Mal MacDonald RM (Tuesday, 15 May 2018 00:27)

    Holy Bat cowl Steve
    Great to see there are others dealers like yourself that are keeping the Super 8 flag flying and keeping this great hobby of ours out there and alive and kicking and generating new admirers to the collecting scene after 44 years in the business I thought I had seen it all but you have taken it to a new level with your great site and service.

  • #45

    Gary Cohen (Wednesday, 17 January 2018 12:56)

    Steve provides a service to the hobbyist that is not only much needed, but a joy to do business with. When he offers a film to me, I don't even ask the price as I know I will treated fairly. Steve is not only willing. but eager, to share his knowledge, and is genuinely happy to talk on the phone - rare these days. The REEL IMAGE, and Steve Osborne, are treasures.

  • #44

    Dustin Dallas (Saturday, 10 September 2016 18:33)

    Looking forward to meeting you when i come up with jeff

  • #43

    Rod Downes (Friday, 02 September 2016 03:52)

    Has anybody got an instruction book for an 8mm sound striper by Johnson Glanvill I can download.

  • #42

    Egbert Souse (Tuesday, 12 July 2016 10:10)

    Wow! Whoever designed this website needs MORE MONEY (so he can afford a pair of glasses)!

  • #41

    Craig (Sunday, 19 June 2016 07:11)

    This is so awesome I could cry with film happiness!

  • #40

    Shorty (Friday, 04 March 2016 06:36)

    Without REEL-IMAGE, where would we all be? If anyone deserves a testimonial for sheer dedication alone, that is Steve Osborne

  • #39

    Ronnie Steele (Wednesday, 14 October 2015 10:01)


  • #38

    Lee (Sunday, 27 September 2015 09:12)

    Unbridled dedication to our moving image on what used to be known as sub standard film gauges, but with the quality being reached on 8mm today a true credit to those who had distributed before. Probably the finest cine site known to mankind!

  • #37

    fr. Joe wilk (Tuesday, 28 July 2015 18:58)

    new hobby. Lots of health problems and trying super 8

  • #36

    Tom Photiou (Friday, 22 May 2015 01:48)

    Superb website, great service,
    Received some great items from Steve.
    Thank you

  • #35

    Robin (Tuesday, 05 August 2014 09:13)

    The best film site in the Interweb! My hats off to you keeping the image alive and fresh!
    Doctor Muller: "Put it back! Bury it where you found it! You have read the curse....You dare defy it?" ~The Mummy 1932

  • #34

    Ralph Spitulski (Monday, 16 June 2014 15:01)

    How many 16mm versions of 18 minute Universal 8 horror movies were they? My quest continues on and on and on! Thanks ,Ralph Spitulski

  • #33

    Berry (Saturday, 19 April 2014)

    Thanks for selling Fuji Velvia 100 in Super 8mm format. This is godsend, especially since Kodak cancelled my beloved Ektachrome 100D.

  • #32

    philip (Sunday, 06 April 2014 15:33)

    cine film film transfers uk

  • #31

    Alex Fox (Friday, 10 January 2014 14:44)

    Happy new year to you and your family. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • #30

    luiscaramelo (Wednesday, 04 September 2013 08:57)

    hi!dear steven,congratiolations for your great site,please keep it alive for many years to come.
    film forever...

    luis caramelo

  • #29

    Ralph Spitulski (Thursday, 22 August 2013 17:16)

    Dear Steve! Great website! I thought I could save your postage letters and give you my e-mail address! Above! Just keep sending those great lists to me via us mail! I had a credit of $190.00 from are "When Worlds Collide" trade! I really thought there was more then enough 16mm movies there to cover our trade but, please send me the balance of the trade and I"ll send you even MORE 16mmfilms to cover the balance! If these films do not cover the balance, please send ALL of my films back! I know sometime we run into films without titles, no ending cards, RED prints, educational films etc, Hey welcome to "FILM" collecting! Go on e-bay sometime and look up educational films in 16mm, you really will find alot of stuff at good prices there! Please send all of my films back if not satisfied! Thanks, I"d send you money but, My wife Pat just lost HER job this week! Help! Ralph Spitulski!

  • #28

    Cinedux (Saturday, 20 July 2013 06:02)

    What a cracker site! My first visit but there will be plenty more!Regards,Trev

  • #27

    Mike Mc Dermott (Saturday, 13 July 2013 22:06)

    HOLY COW! What a terrific website. Steve you sure know how to put it together. Wishing you all the Best.

  • #26

    Roger Shunk (Thursday, 27 June 2013 17:10)

    It's an awesome website Steve fun & entertaining! I love the cool graphics keep up the good work!

  • #25

    Bill Davison (Friday, 21 June 2013 10:02)

    Hello there...absolutely splendid site. Reminds me of my bootlace cinema days in "Movie Maker"

  • #24

    Akshay Nanjangud (Friday, 07 June 2013 17:05)

    This website is beautiful. Congratulations!

  • #23

    JOE TAFFIS (Sunday, 05 May 2013 12:00)


  • #22

    James Chandler (Sunday, 28 April 2013 18:53)

    Great site! I've been looking for something like this.

  • #21

    Bob Pucci (Wednesday, 17 April 2013 14:33)

    Hi Steve. Great site.You are an asset to Super 8 and 16 MM.Good Luck

  • #20

    Adam Deierling (Friday, 12 April 2013 09:44)

    Great site, Steve! As always you are playing an huge part in keeping this great hobby alive well into the future!

  • #19

    Scott Mallory (Thursday, 11 April 2013 22:35)

    Hey Steve, the website looks great! Good job, I especially like the Castle and Ken Films page. Take Care, Scott

  • #18

    John Hourigan (Thursday, 11 April 2013 19:26)

    Great website, Steve -- congratulations!

  • #17

    Peter Richards (Wednesday, 10 April 2013 22:30)

    So stoked to see a website! The newsletter arrived yesterday here in Australia, it even had a photo of my Revere R8 camera in it!
    I'll be taking out a subscription ASAP.

  • #16

    Ray Glaser (Wednesday, 10 April 2013 17:55)

    Congratulations and Good Luck on your fantastic Website !!!

  • #15

    Bill Phelps (Wednesday, 10 April 2013 15:44)

    Hello Steve! The website looks great! It is really nice to see all you offer on the computer! Good luck and let me know if you need some help...I'll be down!! Your friend Bill

  • #14

    Flavio Stabile (Wednesday, 10 April 2013 14:21)

    Really nice and Great vintage look! Thank you Steve and all the best from Italy!!!

  • #13

    OSI Osgood (Wednesday, 10 April 2013 13:30)

    Steve, it is so totally awesome to see you having this brand new website. I can guarantee that I will be checking it out on an almost daily basis!

    OSI "CX" Osgood

  • #12

    Alex Fox (Wednesday, 10 April 2013 13:18)

    Good luck with your new adventure

  • #11

    Joe Balitzki (Wednesday, 10 April 2013 12:31)

    This website makes our Film Collecting Hobby easier & more enjoyable. Thanks Steve!

  • #10

    Shorty Caruso (Wednesday, 10 April 2013 11:37)

    Congratulations on a Site well-done

  • #9

    Gary Crawford (Wednesday, 10 April 2013 11:34)

    Looks great!! But what is a Steve Osborne? I've been wondering that for years.

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